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The Shop at The Counting House

The Counting House in Dodington of Somerset (UK) is a hive of entrepreneurial activity. This domain is here simply to introduce and interest you in what it has to offer. Something for nearly everyone!

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Media, theatre, videos, films, publications – Michael Barry’s film, video, theatre site – with information on current projects, past track-record, scripts and videos available to buy. And of course, investment opportunities on feature film projects. - now released: short film, thriller-drama, completed autumn 2013. Available as download, DVD or Blu-Ray. Being entered to comprehensive range of film festivals. - the page of the film – what’s not to Like! - the archive site of The Wessex Actors Company, a professional touring theatre company in the south-west (1993-2006).  – my very first ebook “The Role of Masks in Drama and in Life” – 57 chapters written by experts, illustrated. ......

Internet publishing: 4 volumes of Sexy Sizzlers by Pussy-Willow Penn (published by Perceptive Creation).

Also authored factual books – “Cool-Climate Vinegrowing and Winemaking” (by Michael Barry), “How would you like to influence your future partner?” (by Max Mann, editor of “The Sexual Man” health course below), and “How to run a successful Nearly-New Shop” (by Ann Constance).

All available on . The PW Penn volumes also on  – (Search “authors”). All except the adult fiction available on and for Amazon Kindle.  Published plays: 7 available through New Theatre Publications. Free reading copies. Unpublished plays on – likewise free reading copy.

Sale of the decade – the biggest Virtual Garage Sale in the history of the Western World – listings for house and garden, objets d’art, pictures, books, LPs, CDs and DVDs, creative products. Vineyard and Winemaking gear for sale (as used by former Quantock Vineyards & Orchards). - a treasure-trove of books for sale from a lifelong collector. Lists include Bumper Bundles; Literary/fiction List; Work, Business, Self-development; First Editions; The Narnia Tales – original set; Factual/ Non-fiction; Media, TV, Computing; LP records, CDs and DVDs. A number of books are author-signed. Many more books to be added yet – so let me know if there’s something you’re particularly looking for.

Health, wellness, energy – a site to deal with major health challenges and how to avoid them.  3 sites to date – with Addiction, Men and Women, and Heart in development. A major internet publishing venture, focussed on wellness and prevention of problems.   An epic combination of 44+ week free e-course compiled by a former Health Education Officer + free special report on gaining an edge in relationships + 5 seminal classic key works that have shaped our thinking on health today – now newly republished.  – Our Neways distribution site making available a staggering and unique comprehensive range (250+) of personal products with NO added carcinogens, toxins, rogue chemicals - the healthiest, safest products in the world. Neways “research the research” and systematically remove all known toxins and carcinogens from personal and household products – unlike the vast majority of manufacturers. (What you get on the High Street is almost certainly killing you slowly). FREE REPORT on what to miss out on! – start here for the biggest energy and health boost any drink can give you. Benefits galore! Focus on the Acai fruit and its truly amazing health benefits.

Under development: Keep Your Health sites on Men-Women Relationships, Addiction and The Heart of the Problem.



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