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Perceptive Creation publishes a number of ebooks – mainly factual and drama and some fiction. These are normally original works written in-house, but in some instances original works, now out of copyright, have been republished as adjuncts to our course on Male Health. This page summarises this aspect of our activities.

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Published Plays:

Published by New Theatre Publications. 


Published by > authors > B > Michael Barry but now possibly out of print.

Free reading copies via

Terms on site for script copies and production licences

Love Letters

Adap. from Thomas Hardy

Passion and the Revolutionary

Adap. from Thomas Hardy

Tom Jones

Adap. From Henry Fielding

The Warden

Adap. From Anthony Trollope

The Indiscretion of an Heiress

Adap. from Thomas Hardy

Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Adap. from Thomas Hardy

Burning Passions

(aka: Dead Woman’s Ditch”)


The Tay Bridge Disaster

Originally via Scottish Theatre Publications, but out of print.

Now available via

Terms direct but as per NTP

Unpublished but also available for performance:

All via

Free reading copies

Terms direct but as per NTP

The Balance of Mind


A Love Beyond Time


Titus Andronicus + The Atheist’s Tragedy

Edit Shakespeare and Tourneur as two one-acts.

A Question of Balance



Adap. From Colette

O McGonagall


Christmas Through the Ages


Original factual E-books:

Cool-climate Vine-growing and Wine-making

Michael Barry: 

Amazon Kindle (.com and

$10.11/ £6.46 Amazon Kindle

$9.95 Smashwords

How Would You Like to Influence Your Future Partner?

Max Mann, Editor “The Sexual Man”, our free male health course (below).

Amazon Kindle (.com and


$7.99/ £5.10

Amazon Kindle

$7.95 Smashwords

How to run a Successful Nearly-New Shop

Ann Constance

Amazon Kindle (.com and

$9.85/ £6.16 Amazon Kindle

$9.95 Smashwords

“The Use of Masks in Drama and in Life”

Editor and contributor: Michael Barry:


£16.43 (inc vat)

Coming Soon:

The No-nonsense Guide to Making Your Short Fiction Film


Short Stories – published by

Presence > authors (list on right) > Michael Barry

Also available in compendium paperback “This Land is my Land“ pub. – 16 short reads for lazy days by selection of global writers. (Hard-copy version available in UK only)


Story solo



The Club > authors (list on right) > Michael Barry


Coincidence > authors (list on right) > Michael Barry

Also slightly adjusted version “Kidnapped” – order below


Clos de St Paul > authors (list on right) > Michael Barry


Short stories – unpublished:


The end of a romance – but also lengthened into adult novella “The Final Cry of Ecstasy”  (below) – via  






The Book of the Mini-Saga

Pub The Daily Telegraph 1997 (out of print) – one of 200 selected in competition out of some 7500 entries.

The Sexual Man

Free 45 part health course on male health:


Republished classic works:

On offer through Male Health Course – or direct via:

The Evolution of Love

By Emil Lucka Translated by Ellie Schleussner

$29.95 for all 5

Falling in Love

With Other Essays on More Exact Branches of Science

By Grant Allen

$29.95 for all 5

Three Contributions To The Theory Of Sex

By Prof. Sigmund Freud, LL.D.

$29.95 for all 5

Hints for Lovers

by Arnold Haultain, specially illustrated by Perceptive Creation

$29.95 for all 5

Marriage and Love

By Emma Goldman

$29.95 for all 5

How Would You Like to Make Her Sexually Addicted to You?

By Max Mann. Our special report on cutting edge psychological research into male-female relationships. Condensed version free with course. Full version via our Male Health course.

Aka (above): How Would You Like to Influence Your Future Partner?

By Max Mann


Adult Sexy Sizzlers

Naughty Novellas, edited and published by Perceptive Creation, written by anonymous single woman with family and occupational pressures to contend with.

(These stories contain scenes of a sexual nature)

The Impure Schoolgirl

written by Anon, aka Pussy-Willow Penn.  





Dicing for Sex

written by Anon, aka Pussy-Willow Penn.





The Final Cry of Ecstasy

written by Anon, aka Pussy-Willow Penn .





The Omnibus Edition

All 3 stories + free bonus memoire





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