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A number of exciting creative products are available from this in-store boutique:





Stage play list:

- available for reading and/or production. 7 plays published/ represented by New Theatre Publications. Rest available directly. Also new pdf brochure detailing all available (DS A4 3-fold - Nov 2009).

New Theatre Publications is a long-established source of popular theatre plays. All of my published plays have been directed professionally and even toured. Free downloads for reading purposes are available.


“The Use of Masks in Drama and in Life”

This thorough detailed brings together the views of a huge number of experts from around the world to focus on all the reasons why we want and need to wear masks.



How to Run a Successful Nearly-New Shop

Cool-Climate Vinegrowing and Winemaking

How to influence your future partner.

AND the complete contents of our free Male Health internet course bundled in two epic e-books:


Coming soon: “The No-Nonsense Guide to Making Your Film” – the low-budget A to Z of creating a short or feature-length narrative film.




Michael Barry’s recorded media productions currently available for sale include:


a) Five shorts on one DVD – for only £12

"Old Mrs Chundle" - an 18 minute short film of a Thomas Hardy short story (a taster for a major series);

"Vienna" - a karaoke video of a well-known Ultravox track

“The Beast of Dodington” – a short wildlife spoof

Available with two bonuses:

“Dead Woman’s Ditch” – a special recording of highlights from M Barry’s play (now called “Burning Passions”) dramatising the cause celebre of well-liked wife-murderer John Walford, a charcoal-burner, in 1789 – a case which deeply affected Wordsworth and Coleridge.

“Theillay 2009” – a musical AV show of Somerset’s famous village, Nether Stowey’s visit to their twinned village in the Sologne in central France. Includes visit to Bourges’ magnificant cathedral.


b) “The Art of Cool-Climate Vinegrowing” & “Winemaking”

4.75 hrs of sell-through video training, adopted for a long time as recommended reading by The Wine & Spirit Education Trust. (In addition all the materials and rights and original footage are available as a separate business opportunity).


c) "The 2008 Nether Stowey May Festival and 10th Twinning Anniversary" Major 4 DVD, 6.5 hour, 27 chapter epic. In effect the portrait of an English village in the early 2000s.


d) "Zuleika Dobson" - a major BBC Radio classic dramatization

(90 min Play of the Week for the World Service).  On 2 CDs - £12.

Only the CD materials and copying costs of this wonderful ironic story by Max Beerbohm are being sold here to avoid copyright issues – the play itself is donated to you as a sample of my scripting abilities.


e) Within our Keep Your Health Information web site

... it is possible to purchase three products (all the rest is free!). These products mostly appear during the course of our 44 week course, but you can short-cut that by clicking on the following link(s):

- a double ebook of “The Sexual Man” - our entire course on Male Health for only $19.95

- 5 quite amazing newly republished seminal works on male-female relationships for only $29.95 (full details here)

- the full-length version of our special report on how to stack the odds in your favour when interacting with the opposite sex – in both MP3 and pdf formats – also for $29.95. Detailed info on report.

f) Walking Shadow - short film newly released

An exciting Revenge Thriller with an underlying theme concerning the value of age and experience - a tragic drama about a lifetime being casually rejected. Buy as download, standard DVD or Blu-Ray.




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All the time advances are being made in psychological research. And as we find out more about the extremely intricate interactions that occur between individual human beings, it becomes more and more obvious that we can do a lot to help ourselves when it comes to attracting a potential partner.


Whether it’s a simple case of encouraging someone to like you – or at the other extreme:

How Would You Like to Make Her Sexually Addicted to You”


…there is a huge amount we can do to influence the outcome.


This very powerful Report – the condensed version is FREE to those who sign up to our course on Male Health – summarises the up-to-date state of knowledge in this area of psychology.


Although written for the men taking our course on male health, all the principles discussed are as applicable to women as to men.


DON’T MISS OUT on the startling discoveries that have been made or confirmed in recent years. No single person should be without this.

Available in both MP3 and pdf formats – for only $29.9 - GET IT NOW.